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Planning Page for this Wiki

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Here is the transcript of the Campfire Discussion we had May 7: Campfire Transcript.pdf



The design of this wiki is for your ease of use. Each chapter has a link from this page to the chapter. Once on the chapter page, you will find a link at the top to take you back to the Home Page. Below that link is a link to the previous chapter except chapter 1. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to the Home Page again, a link to the next chapter and a link to this page. This is on every chapter page! When you are editing a page, please be careful of the formating already in place so that links won't be broken. Don't worry if something happens as revisions are saved as we go along but if we are careful no work will be lost. Thank you for your participation in this EPPL 663 study group.


Discussion Wanna ask a question-- make a comment.. do it here. (I have begun a discussion thread that I would like your input on so please visit this area-Jon Messer)

All Chapters Complete

Chapter assignments. Please put your name next to the chapter you would like to work on.


Chapter 1"The Nature of Educational Research" Jon Messer

Chapter 2"Developing a Research Proposal" Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Chapter 3"Ethical, Legal, and Human Relations Issues in Educational Research" Nicole Rummel

Chapter 4"Reviewing the Literature" Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Chapter 6"Selecting a Sample" Sharmaine

Chapter 7"Collecting Research Data with Tests and Self-Report Measures" Holly B Richard

Chapter 8"Collecting Research Data with Questionnaires and Interviews" Karen Schaeffer

Chapter 9"Collecting Research Data through Observation and Content Analysis" Karen Schaeffer

Chapter 10"Nonexperimental Research: Descriptive and Causal-Comparative Designs"Sean L. Callender

Chapter 11"Nonexperimental Research: Correlational Designs"Sean L. Callender

Chapter 12"Experimental Research: Designs, Part 1"Kathy Hybl

Chapter 13"Experimental Research: Designs, Part 2" Karl DeBate

Chapter 14"Case Study Research" Jon Messer

Chapter 15"Qualitative Research Traditions"Holly B Richard

Chapter 16"Historical Research" Carrie Lynn Bailey

Chapter 17"Evaluation Research" Jon Messer


Big thank you to Donna Eddleman for cleaning-up all the chapters after the chapters were complete!

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