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Chapter 14  Case Study Research

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Chapter 13 Experimental Research: Designs, Part 2


p. 434: #1(Describe the typical characteristics of a case study)


"Case study research is the in-depth study of instances of a phenomenon in its natural context from the perspective of the participants involved in the phenomenon." (p.436)


Four characteristics of case study research:

1. the study of phenomena of focusing on specific instances, that is, cases


"A case study is done to shed light on a phenomenon, which is the processes, events, persons, or things of interest to the researcher. ...A case is a particular instance of the phenomenon."


2. an in-depth study of each case


"These data are in the form of words, images, or physical object, although some quantitative data may be collected as well. Often data are collected over an extended time period, and several methods of data collection argues."


3. the study of a phenomenon in its natural context


"...the goal still is to learn about the phenomenon from the perspective of those in the field."

4. the study of the emic perspective of case study participants

"The participants' viewpoint is called the emic perspective.


#13(Describe several methods that can be used to check the validity and reliability of case study findings)


"Interpretive validity refers to judgements about the credibility of an interpretive researcher's knowledge claims. The criteria are of 4 types:



  • 1. Usefulness
  • 2. Contextual completeness
  • 3. Researcher positioning
  • 4. Reporting style". Pg. 462-463


#16(Describe the advantages and disadvantages of case study research)


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Chapter 15 Qualitative Research Traditions

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